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Key Features

5 Step Business Process

Right business process will smoothen your daily business activity & it helps you in enhancing your business productivity. We have design business process in such a way that you can exactly track each step of your business in the most effective manner.

Detailed Dashboard

Your most important business data will at your figure tip. In General Insurance Renewal & Business data including your growth status will be the most important part, we have made it available on dashboard with figures & graphical presentation.

Business Management

General Insurance business in one the most complex business in terms of managing data in entire financial sector we have made it easy for you. Get your entire business including Fresh business, Renewal Management, claim, renewal ect on your web login as well as on your android application.

Claim Management

Claims management is the heartbeat of any insurance Professional. An effective claims management can helps you in quick & flowless claim process, so you can improve customer satisfaction and retention. We provide an efficient claims handling process which enable you as an insurance professional to minimize the use of resources in achieving your objectives.

Endorsement Management

Tracking of endorsement is equally important as tracking of business or renewal. We helps you in tracking your each & every endorsement including Sum assured increase/decrease, Nil Endorsement, Name Transfer ect.

Sub Broker Management

In current competitive & growing market sub brokers play in important rolls in business enhancement. In this competitive environment our sub brokers needs real time & accurate data for their business, renewals & claims. Our system helps you in keeping your sub brokers updated with all business data including policy copy & their revenue.

Sales Team Management

Our sales team is a life line of our business firm. They are our face to the market so it is our primary duty to keep our sales team update with real time data & business they are bring in to the system. We helps you in keeping them updated with all required data.


Timely renewal of any policy is the most essential part of General Insurance industry. Our customers except timely renewal reminder from us. Our business process helps you in generating timely renewal reminder so you or your valued customers never miss on important renewals of their policy.

50+ Dynamic Reports

Proper reporting gives you right track on business development. Right reporting will keeps you updated about what you are doing & how much you are doing. Whether you are on right track or not. Our dynamic reporting on many factors will provides you all the data on your figure tip with advance analysis of your business.

Auto Policy Sharing

People spend most of their time behind nonproductive activies like searching policy copy, sending policy copy to their clients. We have made it auto. Your client and your sub broker will automatically get policy as soon as you upload the same on the portal.

Android Application

Keeping your all business transactions on your fingertip. Our most dynamic & professional Android application helps you as well as your team in keeping their business data with multiple reports on their fingertip. You can easily share your Policy copy, Policy details, Renewal Reminder, Renewal Notice to your customers at any point in time.

Brokerage Management

End of the day It is all about our harden earnings. One of the most complex structure in financial sector as it is depending upon so many factors like Discount Grid, Age, Premium Slab, Make-Model, Fuel Type, Add On cover, Sum Assured Slab, GCV and much more. Our Brokerage management tool helps you in tracking your brokerage in the accurate manner.

Brokerage Reconciliation

Reconciliation of harden money is equally important for any business firm because it’s the only way to get exact picture about your receivables & payables with your insurance providers & sales team. Our reconciliation process helps you in keeping your accounts up to date in lesser time resulting more productivity & accuracy.

Sales Management

Right sales process is a key to success for any organization. Our sales process gives you filtered & accurate data on a single click which will be useful for you in designing right business strategy.

Manage Multiple Agencies

In this competitive market scenario it is very difficult for any insurance professional to work with any one single company. We helps you in managing multiple agency with all handy data & analysis.

Business Growth Analysis

Growth ratio is one of the most critical parameter to judge any business organization success. Our handy growth analysis data helps you in tracking your business growth rate on regular interval.

User Management

Privacy of your valued client’s data is always on the top priority of any business organization. User right management helps you in allocating right work to right candidate. You can assign work to your staff & they have an access for only such work what you have assign to them so you can keep absolute control over your employees works & their responsibilities.

Analysis-Business Chart

Sometimes chart analysis helps you in giving quick analysis of business done by us. We offer Insurance Type wise & Insurance Company wise chart analysis to our users.

Renewal Notice Upload

These days Insurance industry is one of the most happening industry. Almost Every year rules & products are changing so it is critical for us to keep our customers & sales partners update with changing era. Normally all insurance company send us revised renewal notice & we help you in uploading the same in system so for you it could be handy whenever it needed.

Birthday, Anniversary Wishes

Send wishes & greetings to your valued customers on time & maintain healthy relationship with them. You can send them wishes via email, messages or what’s app.

Excel Data Upload(Vehicle)

Many of insurance professionals are doing bulk business in vehicle insurance so it is difficult for them to do each & every business entry manually in portal. We allow them to upload their data via our shared excel format which helps you in saving your valuable time & makes process more easy.